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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Post 48 - Kevin Borich – One More Dream

With a professional career spanning 30 years beginning with La De Das in New Zealand to his Kevin Borich Express and The Party Boys, Kevin has performed at some of the biggest rock events in Australia such as Sunbury, The Rockarenas. He has performed at 2 New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Opera House with a crowd of more than 70,000 people. Kevin is well known for his high energy guitar playing. From the “Angels Hand” LP that has never seen CD comes the single “One More Dream” (K-8088). Here for you download is that single.

1 comment:

Guy said...

Thanks for this Ozzie
Angels Hand was not Kevin's best album, but still appreciate getting hold of this great 'Single'. Saw him play at La Trobe Uni back in the 70's more times than I can remember - he was the best axeman around at the time and introduced the first long 'guitar solos' into live Australian performances. Keep up the great work