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Monday, 5 January 2009

Post 31 - John Paul Young - Thunderbolt/ Dreamworld

Once again another one of those records that no one seems to know any thing about. All the info I can find seem to skip this record released in 1982 on JPY’s records. But from what I can work out is that this single was release for the opening of Dreamworld’s “Thunderbolt” roller coaster. I would imagine the single was given away at the gate to promote the ride as it was on the Dreamworld label. I picked this up at a second hand record store in Sydney so I’m only guessing about the record’s history. Maybe someone out there was there at the ride’s grand opening and can enlighten me. But I can tell you that it was the first looping roller coaster in Australia and coat $4.000.000 and in March of 2004. The removal was done in such a way that it is clear the ride was scrapped and not sold. The park however does still have the trains and some sections of track, presumably for construction of a memorial of sorts to the Gold Coast icon. Here for you to download is that single “Thunderbolt” b/w “Dreamworld” (DW-001).


Anonymous said...

Hi Oi Music Man
Thunderbolt and Dreamworld songs were both composed by David Arnott who resides in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. The songs were recorded at Sunshine Studios Brisbane in 1982.The vocalist was John Paul Young.
The recordings were used as promotions for Dreamworld in park and in the TV and Radio media.
The recordings were sponsored by Keith Lord a partner owner of Dreamworld. The tracks were arranged by Brisbane arranger Geoff Wilkes and engineered by Brisbane engineer Doug Hills.

David Arnott composed and produced many recordings during the 8o's under the pseudonym of "The Writer"

Jeremy Buddle said...

Thanks guys for sharing these 2 sides and providing all this useful information about this record. It brings back many happy memories of riding the Thunderbolt rollercoaster ride at Dreamworld on holiday with my family in May 1983, when I was 13. I guess the ride was still brand new then! Cheers, Jeremy from Tasmania. :)