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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Post 40 - Jigsaw - Every Day Every Night

Jigsaw was formed as Johnny Chester’s backing band. The band later enjoyed commercial success as a pop group and became one of Melbourne’s top bands releasing two albums, an E.P. and thirteen singles for Fable. The last single being the one here for you to download “Every Day, Every Night” (FB.300)


Oz Music said...

Many thanks for the Jigsaw track. I'm looking for the two tracks from one of Jigsaw's last singles - "Teach Me How To Rock N Roll / You" from 1975 (Fable FB-259).

Do you have that 45? If so - would you be able to share it sometime? Would be much appreciated.

Great blog by the way - cheers.


Sorry Qz I haven't got that one but will add it to my wants list and will let you know and post if I track it down :)

Oz Music said...

Thanks anyway - much appreciated!