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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Post 27 - William Shakespeare - Last Night

A Classic case of pop reincarnation, Johnny Caves became Johnny Cabe, Johnny Cabe became William Shakespeare who had two #1 hits and then never heard of again. Songwriters Harry Vanda & George Young penned Shakespeare’s hits “Can’t Stop Myself From Loving You” & “My Little Angel” in 1974. Two more Vanda & Young tunes followed “Just The Way You Are” 1975 & “Last Night” 1976. He left Albert Records in 1977 and by the middle of 1979 was working in the club circuit as Billy Shake. For you to download is the last single “Last Night” (AP-11057).


Micko said...

Hi Ozzie music man

Gees the site is growing very quickly. Nice to see so many unavailable songs on here. I know my sister was after this one so thanks from both of us


Micko (from Midoztouch)


Thanks for that. Coming from you it's a hell of a compliment. I love your site. I will be posting the B-Side of this song at a later date for your sister, so keep watching :-)