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Monday, 19 January 2009

Post 59 - Martin Plaza – Labour Of Love

Martin Plaza released his 4th solo single in August 1990 “Labour Of Love” on CBS records. All royalties and proceeds from the sale of this single went to the Camperdown Children’s Hospital. He released six singles and two albums “Plaza Suite” and “Andy’s Chest” which was a collection of Lou Reed covers and one sole Plaza original. Here for download is “Labour Of Love” (6561717). For more Martin Plaza downloads, check out Post #16 and also check out:


Meg said...

Why is there so little of Martin Plaza's music available? Do you have any more of his solo stuff by any chance?


Hi Meg

I'm a big Martin fan I have everything he ever did with the Mentals, solo and stuff he did on various albums. Am thinking of putting it all together for an upload one day soon. So hang in there. :)

Meg said...

You actually have a copy of Plaza Suite? Wow!! Do you have the lullaby he did? I would kill for that LOL.

I'll be patient... :)



I have Plaza Suite and his second solo Andy's Chest and the lullaby and heaps of others he did on various artist albums. The Stetsons, Mentals and Beatfish and all the extended versions as well.

Meg said...

Oh wow!! I would love to have all those... he has the most wonderful voice! But 29 moves in 17 years has lost me a lot of music... I still go and see them though, and my son interviewed for a school project a couple of years ago - they were so good with him.

James Freud always seemed to take over in Beatfish, which I thought was a shame.

Anyways, anything would be wonderful!

You can always reach me at

Great site by the way and I'm finding some wonderful songs I'd totally forgotten about :)