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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Post 52 - Rolf Harris – Take Back The Things We Said / Salvation Army Citadel

In 1952, a young Australian stepped off a ferry in Dover with dreams of being a famous portrait painter like his grandfather. He too could paint, but he could also play the piano, write songs, ride a bike with no hands and swim 110 yards back stroke in eighty seconds flat. If Rolf Harris seems to have been with us forever, that's because he has been. After nearly fifty years on stage and screen, he is one of the most loved, respected and enduring figures in Australia and the U.K. From his first single in 1960 “Tie My Kangaroo Down Sport” Rolf has delighted us with many hits over the years, one I liked but one you never hear much was the 1971 single “Take Back The Things We Said” b/w “Salvation Army Citadel” (DB 8762) from “The Australian Album” so here is that single and its B side for you to download enjoy. :-)


Micko said...

Hey Ozzieman, thanks for these ones. Did you know it was actually "Salvation Army Citadel" that was the charting side? It beacme a Top 15 hit in Qld & Top 30 in WA. Unfortunately though you've put the same link up twice LOL And that's for the non-charting A side
Thought ya should know

Thanks 4 that

Micko :-)

Badger said...

Hey Ozzie, thanks for making this available! Much appreciated.