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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Post 49 - Alison MacCallum & Celebration – Hello Sunshine

Back by popular demand is Alison MacCallum. Apparently we have a bit of a gem here as none of the discographies even mention this release or the band Celebration. This track was produced by G. Wayne Thomas and is the B-Side to an earlier post #41. Here for you to download is “Hello Sunshine” (WBA-4006).

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Micko said...

I never did say thanks for this one Ozzie so I'll say "thankyou" now. Much appreciated mate. Oh & by the way, you've spelt her name back to front as it's MacCallum, not MacCUllAm. Only 1 "L" in Alison too in Ms. Mac's case. Still at least you got the MAC bit right as everyone mispells it as Mc, including several record labels

Cheers & thanks again Ozzieman