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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Post 35 - Hot Rocket - That's Your Business

Hot Rocket is a Sydney honky tonk rock band who only released one single in 1971 “That’s Your Business” (FK 4301). They are another one of those bands that are hard to find any info about. But who knows, maybe one day a producer, band member or even the tea lady might stumble over this blog and leave me some more details…you never know. The band members were Paul Coates (vocals), Jan Dezwaan (keyboards) Dave Gibbons (vocals & produced this single) Phil Layton (sax, flute) John Swanton (drums) John Taylor & Rod Webster. Here for you to download is their one and only single enjoy it.



Hi Mr Music,

Hot Rocket had another single:

Festival FK-4732

Bottle Of Red Wine / Rock And Roll Hootchie Koo

I don't have a copy but I know of it.

Tom Mix c/o


Thanks for that Tom all my books only talk about the first single and not much else about this band. Will keep my eye out for the follow up.

davidski said...

I wonder if the keyboard player is the same Jan DeZwaan who played the 12-string guitar and lived in a boathouse on the Brisbane River in 1966... he had transposed Jellyroll Morton's piano blues to 12-string, and I learned "Winding Boy" from him.
I've been looking for him for years.
Cheers and Thanks!

ART2GO said...

Original lineup that recorded this 1st single was: Dave Gibbons (vocals/producer), Dave Webster (guitar/vocals), Phil Sill (bass) Jan DeZwaan (piano), Drummer's name forgotten (sorry), John Taylor (clip-clop things/vocals).
The second single (and we're tracking down an original 45 so we can upload it) was the aforementioned R&R Hootchie Koo/Bottle of Red Wine with: Dave Gibbons (vocals/producer), Dave Webster (guitar/vocals), John Taylor (bass/vocals), Bill Chilvers (guitar) & Warren Bell (drums).
Phil Coates (vocals), John Swanton (drums) & Phil Layton (sax) joined later when members left.

Dave Gibbons said...

Good Gawd! I just stumbled across this. What a hoot the Hot Rocket years were. Somewhere I have a bunch of old memorabilia from that time. The drummer was Warren Bell. I'd actually forgotten about that particular single.
Thanks for the memories.
Cheers, Dave Gibbons (still rockin').

Dave Gibbons said...

Lol, I just listened to the recording. It sounds like John Taylor on drums and Phil Sill on bass. Later, Phil left and John took over the bass-playing. That's where Warren came in, if I remember correctly... it was a while ago! :)

Anonymous said...

Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo / Bottle of Wine defiantly exists (I own a copy)
FK-4732 1972 - Steve

Ozzie Music Man said...

Hi Steve would love to hear that :)

Anonymous said...

I am just about to put the 7" on Ebay
I can record it and get a copy to you if you like- Steve

Anonymous said...

I bought that first 45 when it came out. I was 10 or 11 years old and had guitar lessons from Jan DeZwann. I was very impressed that my teacher had a 45 out. He was a nice guy, the classes were in Chatswood, Sydney, near the train station.