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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Post 25 - The La De Das - Fare Thee Well

Kevin Borich is one of Australia’s leading guitar virtuoso. He arrived with the La De Das from New Zealand.. They took the Australian charts by storm with tracks like “Gonna See My Baby Tonight” and Chuck Berry's “Too Pooped To Pop". “Gonna See My Baby Tonight” b/w ”Fare Thee Well” in 1971 brought them a top ten hit. It spent twenty-eight weeks in all in the charts. “Morning Good Morning” b/w “You and Me” (March 1972) featured Phil Key on vocals. Key and Roberts left in October 1972 to form Band of Light. Like The Maple Lace B side on this blog I think “Fare Thee Well” (EA 9638) was as good if not better then the A side….in my books anyway. See what you think.

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Micko said...

Couldn't agree more with you on this Ozzie. This is much more to my tastes than Willie Shakespeare :-) And while I love all the old La De Das stuff, this is an undiscovered gem. Good on ya mate for giving it some long overdue exposure